The journal Science, Engineering&Education is registered in the database created in a partnership between UNESCO and Global Index for Continuing Resources (ISSN Portal) in France (

Science, Engineering & Education is a specialized scientific edition aiming to establish a bridge between science and education and presenting original research results in the field of technical sciences, physics, mathematics, electrical and electronic engineering, informatics, applied mechanics, business and management, humanities and sport sciences. The articles published in Science, Engineering & Education refer to: 

  • Physics, Mechanics, Electrical Engineering (electrical, optical and mechanical properties of condensed matter; modelling of the properties of solids and fluids; applied mechanics; theoretical and practical research in electrotechnics);

  • Mathematics, Informatics, Automation (investigation of the computational mathematics; information technologies, process control, intelligent systems and diagnosis);

  • Management, Humanities, Sports (business and management; quality and methodology of education; advances and development of the foreign language tuition; different educational techniques and approaches in the tuition of sports).


ISSN 2534-8507 (print)

ISSN 2534-8515 (on line)